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The puppet theater survived and it was immortal. And it is caused not only love of the audience to it. The matter is that puppeteers thought up such heroes who became – as a proverb or a saying – in public nominal. Their, and also their jokes, caustic words knew and loved everything.

Besides, the difficult technique of puppet theater demanded work of several puppeteers. It was unprofitable to carry with itself big troupe therefore foreigners on a place employed two-three boys, trusting them supporting roles and training a kuklovozhdeniya.

The main shortcoming peculiar to a puppet, - feeling of the plane of a floor. Marionetochnik () quite often loses this feeling, especially if a puppet massive. The actor observes a doll in very inconvenient foreshortenings therefore to learn this feeling of the plane of a floor – a task quite difficult. And first it or puts it on the bent feet, or lifts too highly, and then the doll simply hangs in mid-air.

The theater of puppets gained big distribution in many European countries, in Belgium, England, the Czech Republic, Germany, and thanks to English puppeteers – and in the New World. In the Czech Republic, by the way, exists to one thousand constant puppet theaters, apart from theaters at schools and wandering.

Dolls of puppet theater are made of a tree with mobile extremities to which the threads meeting in a special yoke, a so-called vaga are attached. The Vaga consists of a core, the mobile yoke attached to a core on an axis in a certain point and a motionless level. Fluctuations of a yoke pull the threads attached to edges of a yoke - on a doll they correspond to knee threads. Lifting of one of the parties of a yoke corresponds to lifting of a foot of a doll. The main threads are also temporal, back, manual. These threads are able to bring a doll only into the most elementary mobility. It can go, become on a knee, raise this or that hand, turn the head, bend. If the doll needs to make any special movement, for each such movement it is necessary to tie up special threads. Them can be to twenty and even more.

Happiness to think up in public favourite hero fell and to lot of English puppeteers – Ann Hoggart and Jonah Basla. This is a burro Muffin. Soon Muffin had many friends (the Ostrich, the Giraffe, the Dog, the Penguin) – they together made any trips. Also became favourites not only English children.

Since the most ancient times in languages of many people of the world there was a comparison of human life with a puppet who is pulled a thread. The puppet theater long since excited people and the strange similarity to living beings, and that constantly gave a reason to philosophical reasonings: the example – the managing director and operated was too obvious.