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K. Monet needed communication to overcome feeling of full isolation which sometimes suppressed it during solitary life in the village. To it was, it is undoubted, pleasant to find soulmates, dear friends here and to find confidence that sneers and rejection of pictures are powerless against desire to continue.

E. Manet was the ideological leader of this group. Kind, modest, perfectly well-mannered, however consciously ironic in disputes, it kept interlocutors in constant suspense, stimulating in them aspiration to behave at height in any situation, developing in them combativity. His constant opponent during meetings was Degas that often led to furious skirmishes between them. However, despite it, Degas was closest to Manya both to the tastes and on wit with which it was generously endowed. From all other visitors of cafe only Basil possessed taste to verbal sparrings and sufficient education to get into equal dispute with such opponents as Degas and Manya.

Though with hostile intentions, but Lerua rendered to group an essential service, having presented artists in nonexistent unity. Degas always treated idea of unity with disgust; Manet who considered himself as the leader, and to them was recognized, strangely enough, refused to connect the name with group.

If to address to music to which with such hope the symbolists and impressionists believing dropped at the end of the last century also that she also is necessary ''first of all'', it is necessary to notice that here a zybka the side and is the basis for rapprochement of these methods.

Renoir, being the self-educated person, could not compete as equals in dispute with Manet and Degas., but native wit helped it to catch essence of all discussed problems. Having big sense of humour, he showed resolute lack of interest in serious theories and deep reflections. They obviously irritated him. Life was excellent, painting was its integral part and to create works of art, the good mood seemed to Renoir more important, than thoughtful remarks about last, real and future.

Degas – the keen observer, quickly and precisely seizing everything it is characteristic expressive in uneasy kaleidoscopical change of life situations, transferring a rhythm of life of the big city, creates the peculiar option of a genre art devoted to the city.

If Manet, Degas and Basil were representatives of educated and rich bourgeois circles, most of their companions was lower social origin. Cezanne liked to sport rough manners as opposed to more polite behavior of others. To it as though was insufficient to express the contempt for official art only the works, he wanted to throw down a challenge all the being, wanted to emphasize the indignation.

Cezanne Zola's friend became the herald of group in the press and its zealous defender. However its proximity to group was caused rather by searches of new forms of expression, than original understanding of the touched art issues. However it was heart with those who, despite crowd sneers, sought for new vision.

The internal life designated by several dabs, nature of communication of the artists who became in a consequence great, showed, the spirit of creativity, innovation and, in the finest sense of the word, obsession in community of the equal is how important. Here and only here emergence of the new direction in art as having gathered became possible friends already represented a certain direction and, eventually, they could not but achieve success.

The works of art created by impressionists are for us and future generations. They stand as if out of time, do not become outdated and continue to lead the internal life on continuation of existence of mankind. Art is eternal. Probably in it our happiness