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Segmentation of the market consists in division of the markets into accurate groups of buyers (market segments) who can demand different products and for which it is necessary to make different marketing efforts.

Intensity of consumption — an indicator on the basis of which the markets are segmented on groups of weak, moderate and active consumers of certain products. It is obvious that it is more favorable to serve one market segment consisting of considerable number of active consumers, than some small segments of weak consumers.

The CONCENTRATED MARKETING. Many firms see for themselves and the third marketing opportunity, especially for the organizations with limited resources. Instead of concentration of efforts on a small share of a large market the firm concentrates them on a big share of one or several.

The status of the user characterizes degree of a regularity of use of some product by his users who share on not using a product, the former users, potential users, on users beginners and on regular users.

Izmeryaemost - degree with which the size and purchasing power of the market can be measured. For example, it is almost impossible to define number of lefthanders - in any statistical collections it is not specified. Information bases of the companies are usual do not contain similar indexes also.

Effectiveness - degree with which the effective marketing program can be used for involvement of consumers. For example, the small plane can satisfy 7 market segments, but the director of the company does not have enough abilities and opportunities to achieve success on all market sektorakh.3

The first - market segmentation - breakdown of the market on accurate of buyers, for each of which separate goods and/or complexes of marketing can be demanded. The firm defines different ways of market segmentation, makes profiles of segments and estimates degree of appeal of each of them.

Marketing segmentation opens possibilities of segments of the market in which the seller should act. After that the firm needs to solve: how many segments it is necessary to capture and how to define the most favorable to it segments. Let's consider both of these problems in turn.

Stage of readiness of the buyer — the characteristic, in compliance with which buyers are classified on unaware and informed on a product, on interested in it on persons interested to buy it and on intended it to buy.

Undoubtedly, there are many ways of segmentation of the market, - but not all from them are effective. For example, consumers of table salt can be divided into brunettes and blondes. But the hair color does not influence the volume of demand for salt in any way. Therefore, if consumers get salt every month, at the identical price and, allegedly, identical quality, segmentation of this market will not bring notable benefit.

Within the first method. called "and priory" are previously known segmentation signs, number of segments, their quantity, characteristics, the map of interests. That is it is meant that segment groups in this method are already created. The method "and priory" is used when segmentation is not part of the current research, and serves as auxiliary basis at the solution of other marketing tasks. Sometimes this method is applied at very accurate definiteness of segments of the market when the alternativeness of segments of the market is not high. "A priory" is admissible and when forming new the product focused on a known segment of the market.

The first step when carrying out segmentation is the choice of criteria of segmentation. Thus it is necessary to carry out distinction between criteria of segmentation of the markets of consumer goods, production of production appointment, services, etc.

Undifferentiated marketing is economic. Costs for production of goods, maintenance of its stocks and transportation are low. Costs for advertizing at undifferentiated marketing also keep at a low level. Lack of need for carrying out market researches of segments of the market and planning in breakdown on these segments promotes decrease in costs of market researches and management of a goods.