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The fourth level – republican – represents full organizational completion of grocery technological associations on main types of agricultural production, first of all, on meat, milk, breeding animal husbandry, grain, potatoes, I cling, etc. New organizational structures are formed within the existing republican production, agroservice, supplying, marketing and other formations (associations, concerns, etc.). On the organizational structure can be both highly specialized, and versatile.

The production infrastructure includes: system of material service (electro - gazo-, water supply, etc.); system of logistics and preparations of agricultural production, elevator, refrigerating and warehouse economy; system of bringing production to the consumer; transport and communication on service of production needs of all branches and agrarian and industrial complexes enterprises.

The first – at the level of the agricultural enterprises – provides a phased transition them on full cost accounting, self-sufficiency and self-financing and granting economic independence to internal economic units. Thus taking into account the sizes and a profilnost of economy, its economic state 4 types of reforming are provided:

Optimization of structure of agrarian and industrial complex is capable to provide proportional development of all its major branches, to bring processing and a source of raw materials into accord, to optimize raw zones of the overworking enterprises. The main way of strengthening of proportionality of development of agrarian and industrial complex is increase of scientific validity of the economic mechanism, its functioning in general.

The infrastructure includes the enterprises and the organizations serving agrarian and industrial complex. They provide the general conditions of development of production and activity of people. The infrastructure is subdivided on production and social.

However, the situation which developed in agro-industrial complex of Belarus the difficult. There is a number of problems which brake efficiency of agricultural production. It is possible to carry two to number of the main. The first – the available resource capacity of the village is used not fully. The majority of production objects in rural areas, especially in animal husbandry, are used inefficiently. But the most important – low efficiency of agricultural grounds.

The agro-industrial complex of Belarus is one of the leading sectors of a national economy to which share 44% of an internal gross product, 40% of cost of the fixed business assets and 39% of number of workers fell several years ago.

Organizational improvement of agrarian and industrial complex is provided on means of deepening of specialization grew, reductions of organizational structure of agrarian and industrial complex and relationship between his subjects according to requirements of market economy, introduction of the new principles of motivation of work.

The third level – regional – provides integration at the principles of vertical and horizontal cooperation of associations, entering on the output out of limits of regional and interdistrict grocery cooperative specialized associations. In their center there are large overworking enterprises and livestock complexes. The enterprises of logistics, sale and financial structures enter. Are integrated in the form of joint-stock companies, associations, agrarian and industrial (AP and agrarian and financial and industrial groups (AFP.

In the sphere of processing and storage of agricultural production of effort of experts are directed on creation of resource-saving and ecologically safe technologies and the equipment for complex use of raw materials for the purpose of increase in production and expansion of the range of competitive production.

As a part of scientific and production associations of Academy of agrarian sciences there are 63 experimental bases and plants to whom work on increase of efficiency of use of scientific capacity of agricultural branch, ensuring closer integration of science with production is carried out. The academy carries out broad creative communications with scientists of foreign countries.

The social infrastructure is formed: preschool institutions, education authorities, educations, sciences; healthcare institutions, sport, environmental protection; zhilishchno - household economy; public transport; etc. A problem of social infrastructure is ensuring normal activity, reproduction and fixing of labor.