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Specific conditions of our country do this process not having analogs in the world. (Perhaps, only China with its huge population and the extensive territory could serve as an example of attraction of the foreign capital.)

foreign investors are allowed only through auctions, competitions and the auction,, cannot acquire a share of open joint stock companies, to buy the liquidated enterprises or to redeem a leased ;

Foreign investments are all types of property and intellectual values, foreign investors in objects and other kinds of activity for receiving profit (the income.

Formation of the new mode of foreign economic relations led to emergence of a set of various documents from of customs and license regulation of import and export. The objective reasons connected with corruption of officials, the hidden resistance of the enterprises monopolists (both large, and small averages) own violations of the enterprises with foreign investments to deterioration of investment climate.

Various indicators characterizing the investment. climate, can be reduced to the generalizing indicators and even to a uniform indicator. It gives the chance to compare the main indicators of investment climate of the different countries and to range various countries on their appeal to foreign investors.

the foreign citizens, stateless persons, citizens having a constant abroad provided that they are registered for conducting economic activity in the countries of their nationality or a residence;

Joint, or mixed, the enterprises ( a venture) are widespread in world economy. As to the joint ventures (JV) the following economic differences are inherent in forms of industrial cooperation and the made cooperation: production of goods on the basis of the property united by them; joint management of production; undressed partners of the made and commercial risk of the enterprise and the coordinated section of profit of the enterprise.

Use of foreign investments is the need caused by system of participation of national economy in the international division of labor and the capital in free branches of a.